Classic Clear Low Fume Adhesive

Classic Clear Low Fume Adhesive

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Clear adhesive does NOT contain black pigment (carbon black) which may help clients who are allergic or sensitive to adhesive.

  • Size: 5 ML
  • Dry time: 1 second 
  • Retention: 6 week minimum 
  • Should be kept between: 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Humidity level for best retention is between: 50-70%
  • Low Fume
  • Hypo Allergenic 

Adhesive good for:

  • 3 months after opened 
  • Best results 30 days after opening
  • 6 months after receiving your order 

Adhesive should be:

  • Shaken well before each use
  • Shake for 1 minute to ensure ingredients are well mixed
  • If adhesive is not well shaken will result in retention issues
  • Never dispense new adhesive on top of old adhesive drop 

Adhesive Storage:

  • Store in the clear packaging that the adhesive comes inside, in a cool dry place with adhesive lid tightly closed
  • Store adhesive standing upright 
  • Do not store in an airtight container 
  • Never store in the fridge as it will disrupt the integrity/performance of the adhesive

    Please Note: This product is for professional use only, specifically licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians. We are not responsible for any misuse of our products.

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    I’ve tried so many glues and I always find my way back to this one! Works amazing my clients retention is bomb and the work looks cleaners with a clear adhesive. 10/10 recommended

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